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You are Janie Geraldine, a young woman who suffers from a mental condition called schizophrenia. Knowing you have nowhere else to go after being released, you decide to visit the home of your doctor. Little do you realize what will be waiting for you there...



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This was made in VX Ace I presume?


Well would you like some help porting it over to RPG Maker MV?

I would love that! How would I go about doing it?

I would need the files in a zip folder. This includes the project itself, but unencrypted. IF it is a RGSS Encrypted Archive, I can't open it. Want to send it to me by email. And by dropbox as well.

Would it be possible for you to do this?

I just got your message, forgive me. My computer went out of commission a while back. I'm finally back, though. Yes, I certainly can.

Or are you fine?

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If you don't know what "long pork" is...you gotta watch this!!

If you do know...you gotta watch this!!

Epic beginning to what will be a really terrific indie horror RPG!!!
Cannot wait for more, more, MORE!!

This is my intital playthrough video and doesn't showcase the new and improved gameplay. Apperantly I missed out on a lot of gameplay due to some unforseen glitches, which the amazing and hard working develper has since kindly fixed! I will do a fresh playthrough as soon as I can find the time.

Don't let the people with the negaitve comments get you down -- this is going to be a gem of a game once you complete it. Haters gonna hate...just don't let them influence you and please finish this!!


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This was one of the sweetest comments I've read. Thank you so much! I will continue to work on this game as well as bringing awesome YouTube videos showcasing other games that are made by good friends! I look forward to completing this game and I look forward to seeing your latest playthrough. I'll be happy to give you some tips on the game if you have Teamspeak - we can connect and talk as you play for your video!

Also, should note that the first time you encounter the doctor, he is actually a hallucination. That is why his graphic changes like it does. I think I will have her mention that in the final game, because otherwise it looks like a glitch with the graphics.

Much love,

Jessica Green/Demented Games Entertainment founder

I don't know if you know but the final release to this part 1 is done! I thought you might want to know because I've fixed a lot of big bugs and problems in the game. I'm still updating a little bit because there's a couple things I missed but yeah. It's done!